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Teaching Zone

The Theodore Boone books are ideal for reading in a school setting, and these downloadable resources have been created to aid discussion and activities around them.


DownloadThe Theodore Boone Files 1

The Theodore Boone Files 1: INTRODUCING THEO

Delve into this case file for all the facts and figures about teen laywer Theodore Boone.

DownloadThe Theodore Boone Files 2

The Theodore Boone Files 2: BACKGROUND

Build an illustrated profile of Theo and the world he inhabits.

DownloadThe Theodore Boone Files 3

The Theodore Boone Files 3: THEO IN DEPTH

Further discussion points and activities around Theo's home life, school life, relationships, beliefs and skills.


DownloadThe World of Theodore Boone

The World of Theodore Boone: LEGAL BRIEFING

Some background to the legal aspects of the Theodore Boone books.

DownloadTheodore Boone Teacher Notes


Ideas and activities for exploring theTheodore Boone series by John Grisham with students in Years 6-8 (P6, P7 and S1)