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Who is Theo Boone?

Who is Theodore Boone?

He’s the courtroom hero with a nose for danger and an eye for detail, but just how well do you know Theodore Boone?

Delve into his case file for all the answers on your favourite teen lawyer...

Read more about Theodore Boone and his adventures!

Client interview


Theodore Boone


Lives: Strattenburg, USA

Family: Mrs Marcella Boone, mother. One of the top divorce lawyers in town.Neatly organised, likes coffee and hates cooking. Mr Woods Boone, father. Real-estate lawyer, early fifties, smokes a pipe. Keen golfer, messy. Mr Ike Boone, uncle. Divorced, older brother of Woods Boone with a shady past that saw him stripped of his license to practice law.  Fancies himself as an old hippie; a real rebel.  

Siblings: None 

Nickname: Teddy – but happily for Theo, only his mother uses it. 

Pets: One dog, Judge, a thoroughly mixed mutt whom Theodore rescued from Animal Court. 

Best friend: April Finnemore, 13, his close friend since pre-kindergarten. 

Favourite food: Depends what day it is. 

Favourite sport: Golf  

Favourite baseball team: Minnesota Twins 

Favourite teacher: Mr Mount; mid-thirties, a former lawyer in Chicago, now Government teacher at Strattenberg Middle School. 

Favourite subject: Government 

Favourite judge: The Honorable Henry Gantry; enormously powerful, extremely busy, intimidating but friendly and fair. 

Finest moment: Too many to choose from. 

Worst moment: Hearing the news his best friend April had been kidnapped in The Abduction and being suspected of theft in The Accused. 

Greatest ambition: To be a famous trial lawyer . . . or a great judge. At the age of thirteen, Theodore is still undecided.